RMR-076: Meet Jess Schaner, Roan Mountain Naturalist for the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy for 2017

Meet the Southern Appalachian Highlands Roan Naturalist for 2017

S.A.H.C. Roan Naturalist
Jess Schaner

One foggy afternoon I met Jess Schaner on the Appalachian Trail at Carver’s Gap. She was on the job.

Her job is to meet visitors to the Roan Highlands and educate them about the proper care and appreciation of the Roan Highlands.

Jess has a background in botany and has a very fine appreciation of the rare plant community of the Roan Highlands. 

She is also an avid learner. Jess has already been on botanical orientation hikes with Jamey Donaldson of the Baatany Goat Project, and Gary Kauffman, botanist for the N.C. Pisgah National Forest. 

Jess has the energy and enthusiasm to make a big impact this summer on the Roan. 

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RMR-075: 71st Rhododendron Festival (June 17-18) Changing Lives

71st Annual 
Rhododendron Festival
June 17-18

The 71st Annual Rhododendron Festival is more than just another festival.

It is changing lives.

There are good reasons this Festival attracts thousand of visitors to Roan Mountain.  High-quality crafts and art, good food and great music in a friendly atmosphere.

But this doesn’t happen by chance. It is the result of a lot of hard work all year long by the Roan Mountain  Citizen’s Club.

The Festival is the primary fundraising activity by the Club. They use the Festival proceeds to fund college scholarships to the students of Cloudland High School in Roan Mountain. This is changing lives of people in Roan Mountain. Generations of lives have been changed because of the scholarships funded from the Rhododendron Festival.

Click on the player above to listen to a conversation with Citizen’s Club President, Brian Tipton.

71st Rhododendron Festival flyer


Click here for the 71st Rhododendron Festival schedule.




** NEW ** – Rhododendron Festival map with parking areas

Rhododendron Festival

Roan Mountain Citizens Club

Rhododendron Festival map with parking areas (coming soon)



RMR-074: Nature Hike Bingo with Ranger Meg Guy – A great way to get Kids out in the Woods

Nature Hike Bingo! with Ranger Meg Guy

8:30 Saturday at the
Friends of Roan Mountain 59th Annual Spring Naturalists’ Rally

Register and Pay Online ! 

What a great idea! This is a fun game to teach kids about the outdoors. A fun way to learn.

Listen to Ranger Meg explain Nature Hike Bingo.
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Spring Rally Brochure and Registration

S.A.H.C. Garlic Mustard Pull – April 22 – Roan Mountain

Friends of Roan Mountain



RMR-073: Bees for Birders: Discovering Native Bee Watching Through Binoculars with Sam Droege

RMR-073: Bees for Birders: Discovering Native Bee Watching Through Binoculars with Sam Droege

The Friends of Roan Mountain’s 59th Annual Spring Naturalists’ Rally – April 28-29-30 

The Friday evening presentation will be by Sam Droege on Bees for Birders: Discovering Native Bees Through Binoculars: 

<< Complete Rally information HERE>> 

Click on the player above to hear Sam preview his presentation topic.



Spring Naturalists’ Rally brochure

SAHC Garlic Mustard Pull – April 22

Friends of Roan Mountain

RMR-072: Great Graminoids – A closer look at the Grassy Balds with Jamey Donaldson


Great Graminoids !


I’ll bet you didn’t know you were in the middle of some graminoids on your last hike over Round Bald.

Our favorite botanist, Jamey Donaldson, presented Great Graminoids at the Winter Naturalists’ Rally last month.

With his generous time and, permission we are presenting his findings in greater detail for your enjoyment.

We hope it increases your wonder of Roan Mountain.

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Wavy Hair Grass image courtesy of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville Herbarium.