RMR-076: Meet Jess Schaner, Roan Mountain Naturalist for the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy for 2017

Meet the Southern Appalachian Highlands Roan Naturalist for 2017 S.A.H.C. Roan Naturalist Jess Schaner One foggy afternoon I met Jess Schaner on the Appalachian Trail at Carver’s Gap. She was on the job. Her job is to meet visitors to the Roan Highlands … Continue reading

RMR-072: Great Graminoids – A closer look at the Grassy Balds with Jamey Donaldson

  Great Graminoids !   I’ll bet you didn’t know you were in the middle of some graminoids on your last hike over Round Bald. Our favorite botanist, Jamey Donaldson, presented Great Graminoids at the Winter Naturalists’ Rally last month. With his … Continue reading

RMR-069: Jens Kruger, A Conversation with Composer of the Roan Mountain Suite

Jens Kruger, a conversation with Composer of the Roan Mountain Suite I had the great pleasure to learn how Jens Kruger began the process of composing the Roan Mountain Suite. He immersed himself in learning all about the Roan. He … Continue reading


RMR-063: The Goat Whisperer with Leigh Ann Henion

Our State (April 2016) magazine cover mashupApril 2016 issue of the North Carolina magazine “Our State” has an article about the Baatany Goat Project.
The Goat Whisperer by Leigh Ann Henion describes the June 2015 herding of the goats up to Jane Bald.

It was a joy to have writer and author, Leigh Ann Henion, join us last June for the herding up to Jane Bald. It was the annual herding of the goats up to the summer range for the Baatany Goat Project. Weather was great, so that helped in handling the “unexpected” adventure.

Leigh Ann was on assignment for the North Carolina magazine “Our State”. Her article, The Goat Whisperer, is published in the April 2016 issue.

Accompanying the article are beautiful images of the goats on the mountain from professional photographer, Scott Hoffman, They really makes you want to be there.

The goats had their own plan for the hike up to Jane Bald. Their plan included several rest stops in the woods. These unexpected stops gave us plenty of time to talk and visit with Leigh Ann and photographer, Scott Hoffman. It was a very enjoyable day on the mountain.

The digital issue is only$1.99 available through Zinio digital publishing.
Here is the link: April 2016 – Our State magazine.

book cover: Phenomenal by Leigh Ann HenionLeigh Ann Henion, author of the new book “Phenomenal”, has been around the world experiencing amazing natural events and wonders. She brings a personal touch to some natural, “Phenomenal” events.
Her book is available at Barnes&Noble, Books-a-Million and on Amazon.

Click the Player above to hear more from Leigh Ann Henion.





Our State magazine DIGITAL ISSUE $ 1.99 – April 2016

Spring Naturalists Rally – April 22-23-24 – brochure

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RMR-059: New Hiker Information Kiosk at Carver’s Gap

New Hiker Information Kiosk at Carver’s Gap Freshly built at the Carver’s Gap / Appalachian Trail intersection is the new hiker information kiosk. New Hiker Information Kiosk at Carver’s Gap has two panels. One panel gives tips on hiker etiquette … Continue reading