RMR-072: Great Graminoids – A closer look at the Grassy Balds with Jamey Donaldson


Great Graminoids !


I’ll bet you didn’t know you were in the middle of some graminoids on your last hike over Round Bald.

Our favorite botanist, Jamey Donaldson, presented Great Graminoids at the Winter Naturalists’ Rally last month.

With his generous time and, permission we are presenting his findings in greater detail for your enjoyment.

We hope it increases your wonder of Roan Mountain.

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Wavy Hair Grass image courtesy of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville Herbarium.



RMR-071: Winter Naturalists’ Rally Preview with Cindy Barrett on the Gray’s Lily Leaf Spot Disease Research

RMR-071: Winter Naturalists’ Rally Preview with Cindy Barrett on the Gray’s Lily Leaf Spot Disease Research

Gray's Lily

“Gray’s Lily Leaf Spot Disease
– Impact and Assessment”

Gray’s Lily Researcher
and Graduate Student,
Cindy Barrett will discuss her 
findings at the Winter Naturalists’ Rally
Saturday – Feb 11.

Listen to a quick preview with Cindy by clicking on the player above. 

If you have enjoyed looking at the Gray’s Lily on Roan, you may have seen some brown spots on some of the leaves. This is a “lily only” leaf spot disease.

Cindy has been researching this disease for two years for her graduate theses at East Tennessee State University.

Join us at the Rally to learn more.


Winter Naturalists’ Rally brochure and registration

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RMR-070: Winter Rally Preview with Archeologist Dr. Jay Franklin

RMR-070: Winter Rally Preview with Archaeologist Dr. Jay Franklin

Dr Jay Franklin digs TennesseeSaturday, February 11
Friends of Roan Mountain present the 10th Annual Winter Naturalists Rally

Winter Rally information and registration

Dr. Jay Franklin will present the findings from some of his discoveries on the banks of the Holston, Watauga, and Nolichucky rivers in  Upper East Tennessee.

This is just one of the “outdoor education” presentations on Saturday morning. 

Pre-paid lunch deadline is Wednesday, February 8.


After lunch, choose from three outdoor explorations on Roan Mountain.:

  1.  Alder Balds on top of the Roan with Jamey Donaldson (Strenuous)
  2.  Animal Tracking with Marty Silver (Kid Friendly)
  3. Winter Tree Identification with Frosty Levy  (Easy)

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RMR-069: Jens Kruger, A Conversation with Composer of the Roan Mountain Suite

Jens Kruger, a conversation with Composer of the Roan Mountain Suite

Jens Kruger laughing.  Photo by Wayne Ebinger

Jens Kruger laughing.
Photo by Wayne Ebinger

I had the great pleasure to learn how Jens Kruger began the process of composing the Roan Mountain Suite.

He immersed himself in learning all about the Roan. He knows the beauty, the history, and the people.

He appreciates the natural beauty and ecological uniqueness. He also has a great appreciation for the stories of the mountain

The real magic is how he combines all those impressions into music. Classical music. A classical music suite.

After the world premiere performance, the Roan Mountain Suite will be played in great music halls all over the world.

Like Jens says, a published picture of Roan Mountain
represents the Appalachians to the world.

Now his music will represent Roan Mountain to the world too.

Judy Murray commissioned this music to honor the beginning of the Roan Mountain preservation. And in memory of Stan Murray, founder of the Roan Highlands conservation efforts.

After hearing Jens, you will agree that Judy chose the right composer.

The World Premiere Performance of the Roan Mountain Suite will be at the Paramount Theater in Bristol, TN on October 15.

Click on the player above to enjoy hearing from Jens.

Roan Mountain Suite World Premier Performance with the Kruger Brothers

This is an amazing opportunity. Be a part of a World Premiere Performance!


tickets: Paramount Bristol.org

Google Map to the Paramount Theater, Bristol TN 

The Kruger Brothers website

More audio samples of the Kruger Brothers

Friends of Roan Mountain.org

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RMR-068: Beyond Birding with Steven Hopp – a Fall Naturalists’ Rally Preview

Steven Hopp

Steven Hopp

RMR-068: Beyond Birding with Steven Hopp – a Fall Rally Preview.

Birders are good at making lists. Bird counts by year and bird count over a lifetime. But what about beyond the counting?

Beyond Birding is learning about the entire life of the bird. Go beyond the flitting seconds it takes to count it.

Steven has spent many years going beyond the count. Do you know if the bird you counted last year is the exact same bird that you counted this year? What has happened in the life of that bird since you counted it last year?

This is a fascinating concept that may add a lot more interest to your birding.

Listen to the preview with Steven. Click the play button above.

Special Bonus: Harvest Table Restaurant

Yes. I know this is not on Roan Mountain. But Steven Hopp is very multi-talented guy. In addition to being an expert on Beyond Birding, he is also the Director of the Meadowview (VA) farmers Guild and The Harvest Table Restaurant in Meadowview, Virginia.

Meadowview Farmers Guild  & Harvest Table Restaurant.
The Harvest Table Restaurant is a true Farm-to-Table dining experience. Be sure to check out the locally grown menus at the website: HarvestTableRestaurant.com


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Kid’s Schedule for Saturday- Sept 10

Harvest Table Restaurant – Meadowview VA

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